Your guide to strategic planning
    • Every company needs to understand where and how to move forward, which means they need a strategy!
    • Many business leaders develop their strategy on their own. But how can they insure against mistakes? The cost of a poor-quality strategy can be critically high!
    • For this we created StratMaster! It is an artificial intelligence-based software product that uses the experience of hundreds of successfully implemented strategies. The algorithms and methods of these strategies are carefully verified by experienced strategic consulting experts.
      How does it work?
      The owner of the company or a group of top managers, with the help of certain software interactively, moves along a well-considered and clear algorithm for developing a strategy.
      StratMaster will guide you through the following steps in strategy development:
      • 1
        Determination of customer segments
      • 2
        Mapping the market: identifying the needs of customer segments
      • 3
        Determining the quality of the company's satisfaction of customer segment needs
      • 4
        Determination of the company's capabilities: unique, common, underdeveloped
      • 5
        Determination of competitors' abilities: unique, focusable
      • 6
        Determining the needs of partner segments
      • 7
        Identifying trends in environmental changes
      • 8
        Identification of opportunities and threats in relation to environmental factors
      • 9
        Identifying future customer segments and future needs
      • 10
        Determining the company's goals for a certain planning horizon
      • 11
        Decision on the company's actions to meet customer segment needs
      • 12
        Decision on company actions to explore opportunities and mitigate threats from the external environment
      • 13
        Decision on company actions to counter competitors on the components of the product portfolio
      • 14
        Decision on company actions to meet the needs of partner segments
      • 15
        Decision on actions to develop desired values and get rid of negative ones
      • 16
        Drafting the text of the concept strategy

      As a result you will receive a high-quality and extremely specific document, a concept strategy, that will contain:
      • An image of the future of the company in the form of a business model
      • Strategic KPIs and their target values
      • The main actions that will lead the company to the desired image
      • Values that are important to share with each team member in order to achieve these strategic goals
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